Conversations with Garrett

~ I have 5 grandmas and 1 Brooke.

~ Grandpa B has a new baby tick-tock (watch).

~ We were telling Garrett about going to the zoo and some of the animals we were going to see.  Mike said that we would see a bob cat.  Garrett said, “Bob my-yow.”

~ My parents were staying in a hotel near by for a few days so we took Garrett swimming one night.  After being in the pool for a little while we went in the hot tub.  So now he says there’s a hot tub and a warm tub (the pool).

~ I took the kids upstairs for their naps one day last week.  I laid Avery in bed and said goodnight and I love you, to her.  Garrett says, “Night night, baby Yaya.  Love you too.”  Then he reaches through the crib rails and pats her hand.  It was the sweetest thing.

Some of my new pinterest ideas.

I found a bunch of scraps of fabric and tied them all together.  Then stuffed the whole thing in an empty wipe container.  Avery wasn’t as impressed but Garrett liked it a lot.

I had a bag of dried beans and Garrett’s been playing with that.  I gave him some little cups and he’ll scoop and pour them for hours. 


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