Happy New Year!!

2012 was a great year, busy but great.  We bought our first house, did some painting and moved us and all of our belongings in.  It needs some work but we all love it here, and it feels like home to us. 


We adjusted to being a family of four.  I had a hard time getting used to having two kids.  Avery was a pretty easy baby, it was more me than them.  I think I had it in my mind that I could still keep things under control around here and that everyone would still be happy the majority of the time.  That’s just not the case.  It took me a good six months to realize that I can’t keep everyone happy all the time and I just can’t do everything by myself all the time.   They are such a blessing though and I’m so thankful for them!

DSCF7145 DSCF7501

We found out baby #3 will be joining us.  I haven’t been feeling well at all but we are so thankful for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. 


2012 was a great year but I have a good feeling about 2013!  We’ll find out if the baby is a boy or girl in late February/early March.  My 30th birthday is in May, I’d like to do something fun for that.  The baby will be coming in July.  Last but not least, Brooke and Brad are getting married in September.  I think 2013 will be a great year and I’m looking forward to it!  Happy New Year!


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