Baby #3: Week 13

How far along:

13 weeks

How big is baby:


Maternity Clothes:


Belly Button:



Much better lately! 

Best moment of the week:

Mike was home Monday and Tuesday, so that was very, very nice.  I’ve been a little spoiled having him home so much over Christmas.  We went bowling for Garrett’s birthday and we all had a lot of fun!  I did pretty well, 147, which is a record for me! 😉

Food Cravings:

Nothing specific.

Food Aversions:

Nothing really has been bothering me too much lately.


Still feeling pretty rough and still freezing most of the time.


I swear I felt the baby flop around this weekend, probably just my imagination.


I have no idea, lately I’ve been having a boy feeling.  Ha!

What I’m looking forward to:

Hearing the heartbeat again on Tuesday.

What I miss:

Feeling better. 

Next Appointment:

Jan 8th, my appointment got pushed back a few days.


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