Baby #3: Week 17

How far along:

17 weeks

How big is baby:


Maternity Clothes:


Belly Button:



Same, lots of waking up.

Best moment of the week:

Babies are staying with Grandma Laura and Grandpa Tom for the weekend!  Looking forward to getting some stuff done and spending some time with my husband!

Food Cravings:

Pasta salad!  I made some to go with dinner this week and it was so good.

Food Aversions:

I can’t think of anything.


Morning sickness 2-3times a week.  My skin is broken out so bad, worse than when I was a teenager.  My lungs have not been happy this week, not sure what’s going on with that.


Not a lot, but about once a day most days.


No idea.  Can’t wait to find out!

What I’m looking forward to:

Finding out if the baby is a girl or boy, more kicks.

What I miss:

Sleeping more than two hours at a time.  I’m going to miss my babies this weekend but I know they’re going to have fun.

Next Appointment:

Feb 4th.


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