Baby #3: Week 19

How far along:

19 weeks.

How big is baby:

Mango, 6″ long.

Maternity Clothes:


Belly Button:



Better!  Only waking up once or twice a night, usually.  Yay!

Best moment of the week:

Getting outside for some fresh air!  Sleeping better.

Food Cravings:

Chocolate is just about the only thing that sounds good.

Food Aversions:

I can’t think of anything.


Morning sickness is getting a little better, still freezing cold most of the time.


Usually about once a day, I’ll feel some movement.


My guess is girl.

What I’m looking forward to:

Big ultrasound, Feb 26th!!

What I miss:

Being in better shape.  I was doing so well before I got pregnant, then the morning sickness hit.  I can make one lap around the property before I’m worn out.  Have to start somewhere, I guess.

Next Appointment:

Ultrasound, Feb 26th.  Appointment, March 8th.


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