Sewing Projects


These aren’t sewing projects but I did reorganize.  This one is in the living room and holds the kids’ toys, books, and movies.


This one is in the entry way.  It’s replacing some plastic drawers and a changing table that was mostly used for storage anyway.  I think it looks a lot better.  It’s holding shoes, hats, disposable and cloth diapers and wipes.


Made some new summer skirts.

DSCF9992 DSCF9842

Baby brother bibs.


This is a skirt I made when I was pregnant with Avery.  It was too short and full so I changed it.


This is it after.  Longer and trimmer.


I made the baby’s name banner also.  I used the same fabric as Garrett’s.


Same deal here, old skirt too short and full.




Napkins, 8 of each fabric.  They’re pretty small, I probably shouldn’t have made them that tiny but I like having a lot of them.  Oh well.


6 thoughts on “Sewing Projects

  1. You’ve been super productive!! I really wish you could channel some of that over here. I’ve been terribly unproductive this week…

  2. Yes, see!!!! It has such a crisp look. The baskets are crazy expensive though. Are you using a regular shelf? Or is it a cubbie kind. We bought the kids’ cubbie shelf from Walmart and it was $40, and is not even great quality 😦

    • Just a regular shelf, my dad gave us both. They are both really sturdy. Another reason I didn’t feel as bad about splurging on the baskets. It’s so much easier for the kids to get stuff out themselves and put things away. Garrett knows where everything goes already! The shelf in the entry way is so big, I’ve been able to fit so much stuff on there. We had some cheap plastic drawers before, looks so much nicer this way! I use those baskets everywhere, too. I have one in the kitchen for towels, smaller ones in the medicine cabinet and linen closet, ones in my bedroom for organizing some of my stuff, and super tiny ones in the play kitchen for all the play food. I love those things!!

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