Baby #3: 33 weeks

How far along:

33 weeks.

How big is baby:

Durian fruit.

Maternity Clothes:


Belly Button:

Still flatish.


I’ve been sleeping a little better but I’m so exhausted all the time!  I’ve taken a nap everyday this week but I’m just dragging all day long.  I hope this doesn’t hang around too long, kind of hard to be productive.

Best moment of the week:

Monday was the only day I wasn’t totally exhausted all day.  The kids were pretty well behaved also, so that wins for this week.  Cooler weather lately is a very close second though!

Food Cravings:


Food Aversions:



Exhaustion, braxton hicks, and lots of pressure.  I’ve definitely dropped since last month (Yay!) so I’m guessing that’s why there is so much pressure already.


A lot!  Lots of bony parts.



What I’m looking forward to:

3 day weekend this week!  I’m hoping that I can catch up on sleep and start feeling a little better.

What I miss:

Being normal sized and having something that resembles energy.

Next Appointment:

May 30th.


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