Packing for the Hospital

There are only about a million different lists out on the internet with suggestions on what to pack for the hospital.  I thought one more wouldn’t hurt. 🙂  Seeing as how this is my 3rd time, I pretty much know exactly what I want to bring.

Side note:

Our house is about 5 minutes away from the hospital.  Mike will come home to sleep AFTER the baby is born.  Two reasons for this:  1) someone might as well be getting some decent sleep 🙂 and 2) I want to try to keep things kind of normal for Garrett and Avery, so he will be coming home to put them in bed.  If I am in labor at the hospital overnight, he will stay there with me.

For labor:

I will be wearing the hospital gown during labor and delivery.  For Mike, I’m going to bring swim trunks, a change of clothes, tooth-brush, and some snacks.  Paper and pen to track birth progress, apgars, and the baby’s weight, camera, phone and chargers.

For Me:

After the birth, I like to wear my regular clothes, undergarments, and female products.  I find them more comfortable, I bring dark colors so I don’t have to worry about them getting wrecked.   Plus the nursing hospital gowns are not very modest, though I do wear them at night. 🙂  Nursing pillow, nursing pads, nursing cream, shower stuff, contact solution and other basic toiletries, I’ll be packing also.  Flip flops for walking around.  Cuter clothes for wearing home, aka nice sweat pants.  Haha!

DSCF0155 DSCF0156


One outfit for pictures, one for coming home and a couple nightgowns/sleep sacks to wear at night.  I’ll also bring a couple of blankets and some pacis.  I might bring nail clippers for him also, just in case we need them.



Snacks for me and the kids when they visit.  That was very helpful when Avery was born.  I’ll probably bring a couple of books for Avery also.  I’ll make sure to have a little cash on hand for the cafeteria.

That’s about it.  I try to pack as light as possible, and these are the things I’ve used consistently with my other two births.  Anything I missed?  Did you like wearing regular clothes at the hospital?



2 thoughts on “Packing for the Hospital

  1. Does your hospital have those cool pack pads?? Butterworth had those. They were amazing. haha!
    I never got to pack a bag, so I have no experience there. But Chris did pack me some comfy maternity clothes for after and I wore those during the day. It was kind of surreal for me, since Noah was in another hospital, but they were WAY more comfy than the hospital gown. Especially since I had to walk a while to get to his room.

    • They don’t! I’ve heard great things about them though. They do have this awesome numbing spray though. That stuff is like gold!! Haha! I love it!

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