Baby #3: 35 weeks

How far along:

35 weeks down, 35 days to go.

How big is baby:


Maternity Clothes:


Belly Button:



Not terrible, I have a hard time falling back to sleep after my 3:30 am wake up but overall not bad.

Best moment of the week:

Cooler weather!

Food Cravings:

Bagels and cream cheese.

Food Aversions:



Lots of braxton hicks and exhausted, my legs are so tired after doing anything for 5 minutes.


I don’t think he likes it when I sit/lay still.  If I’m walking around, he’s usually pretty quiet, but when I sit down he starts moving all over the place.  I hope that’s not a sign of things to come.  Ha!



Labor Signs:

LOTS of braxton hicks!

What I’m looking forward to:

My mom is coming next week for a few days!  Actually all the grandmas are coming down the next couple weeks.  I’m hoping with an extra set of hands I can get some stuff done.

What I miss:


Next Appointment:

June 7th.


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