Baby #3: 38 weeks


How far along:

38 weeks!

How big is baby:

Pumpkin!  He certainly feels that big!

Maternity Clothes:

Yes, I even got a couple new things.  I got some nursing shirts that cover my belly better.  I know most people don’t like buying stuff at the end but I feel a little better about being huge when I have a few things that fit well.

Belly Button:

Still flat.


Poor.  When I do sleep, I sleep hard.  I’m up at least 5 times a night  most nights, my arms are falling asleep very easily, and my body is often very stiff and hard to move when I first get up.  I’ve been having a harder time falling back to sleep as well.

Best moment of the week:

Tuesday was my dr appt,  Laura stayed with the kids and I went out for lunch with Mike afterwards.  When I got home she had done a ton of cleaning!  It was nice to have a quiet lunch date with my husband and very nice to come home to a clean house!  I’m so thankful for all the work the grandmas have done to help me get ready for this baby!  We’ve gotten everything done that needs to be done and the house is very clean!  Thank you so much!

Food Cravings:

Nothing really.

Food Aversions:



Still getting over this cold, the cough and sinus issues don’t seem to want to leave.  I’m also VERY swollen!  My wedding rings are usually very loose but I can hardly get them on and off anymore.


Busy moments and quiet moments.  It’s easy to find body parts if someone wants to feel him.  He likes to push his bottom out to the side when I have contractions, so that my belly kind of shifts to the side.



Labor Signs:

Some contractions every day, mostly at night.  Lots of pressure, especially with contractions.  Full moon tonight, maybe that will help!

What I’m looking forward to:

Seeing my baby boy!

What I miss:

Breathing without coughing and good sleep.  I’m trying to focus on the positives and enjoy as much as I can of this pregnancy.  He will be out soon enough and I want to savor the kicks and rolls.

I’ve been feeling rather discouraged by the fact that I can’t do very much right now.  I get exhausted after standing up for 5 minutes, I can’t take the heat for very long, and I haven’t been able to keep up with the baking like I normally do.  I don’t remember it being this hard at the end of my pregnancy with Avery.  I know I was huge and uncomfortable but Garrett and I took a lot of walks at that time and I remember doing some baking.  I wonder if maybe God is trying to prepare me for life with 3 kids.  I think I got discouraged when I couldn’t keep up with everything after Avery came, where as now I can’t do much of anything at all.  If the grandmas hadn’t come help me, I doubt I’d have much done past the baby laundry and it would have taken me a week to get through vs a day.  I just can’t do very much right now, I’m focusing on the essentials and that’s about it.  Perhaps by letting go of all the things I feel like I “need” to do or the things I want to get done, I’ll have an easier time adjusting to the life with 3 babies.  Once the baby comes and I start feeling better, I can slowly start getting back into doing more extras, instead of a more sudden drop off when the baby arrives.  Just something that’s been on my mind lately.

Next Appointment:

July 2nd.

At my appointment on Tuesday, everything went well.  The baby’s heartbeat was good and measuring correctly.  Still not dilated.  Group B test was negative.


2 thoughts on “Baby #3: 38 weeks

  1. Such a cute idea for a picture! 🙂
    And what a nice friend to babysit AND clean for you!!!
    I will cross my fingers that dilation starts for you this week. 😀

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