Product Review: L’Oreal Paris EverPure Moisture Restorative Masque

It may seem silly to devote an entire blog post to a hair product, but my hair grows very slowly.  Since it takes SO long for it to get any length, I try to take good care of it.   I’ve been having an issue with the ends being fried.  I’ve gotten several trims but to get ALL of the dead stuff, I’d have to go REALLY short.  I’m not willing to do that with Brooke’s wedding coming up in September.

I’m not sure what caused this problem in the first place. I don’t dye my hair.   I don’t blow dry my hair.  I curl or straighten it once a month at the very most.  I don’t even wash it everyday, usually about 3 times a week.  My hair gets super dry when I’m pregnant so it might be (at least partly) the pregnancy hormones.  I wear it up in a bun to bed every night.  I feel like it’s choking me if it’s down, but I almost always braid it or do something different with it during the day.

I’ve been using a deep conditioning hair mask, once a week for a while now.  I’ve tried a variety of them and I haven’t been very impressed.  Until I found this stuff:

It’s AMAZING!!  Despite the deep conditioning once a week, I’ve still had to use a hair oil on the ends because they get so frizzy, and that doesn’t help much.  I tried my new conditioner on Saturday, skipped the oil, and my hair wasn’t frizzy at all!   I was very impressed with how well this product worked!  It smells amazing also!

The only downside is it’s rather expensive.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about using straight coconut oil.  I think I’ll try that next.


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