Happy 2nd Birthday, Avery Ann!!

Today is Avery’s 2nd birthday!!  2 years ago, after 24 hours of labor and 3 short pushes, our baby girl was born!!  She is such a sweet girl who brings so much joy to our family!!  We are so thankful for our Avery!

DSCF5681 DSCF5734 DSCF5831 DSCF6152 DSCF6354

DSCF6646 DSCF6769 - Copy DSCF6857 - Copy DSCF7982


DSCF0116 DSCF0892 DSCF1031 DSCF1050

Happy Birthday, Yaya Bean!  We love you so very much!


5 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday, Avery Ann!!

  1. Aww, Happy Birthday! Love all the pics! 🙂 Just took Samuel for his two year checkup this morning (though his birthday was last month – oops!) 😀

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