I post these on facebook quite frequently but I thought I’d start putting some on here too.

Garrett:  Mama, where are you going?

Mike:  Mexico.

Garrett:  You can go to church and no where else!

Mike:  Don’t remind her.


Looking out the back door one night.

Mike:  There’s Kitty Green Bean.

Garrett:  She’s going to lay an egg.


Garrett:  Mama do you like this fish I caught?  (Behind our bed with Mike’s belt.)

Me:  Wow!  That’s a nice fish.

Garrett:  It’s an 8 foot salmon.


I took down the Halloween banner and put the Thanksgiving banner up one day while the kids were napping.  Garrett asked where the deer hunting banner was.


Me:  The mail lady is here.

Garrett:  Did she take our bad news away and give us good news?


Garrett:  The UPS guy is here!  The UPS guy is here!

Me:  Okay, honey, I see him.

Garrett:  He’s got two boxes!!  He’s a big strong boy carrying two boxes.


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