Jack, 4 month Check Up

Jack Bear had his 4 month check up.  It’s a little late but oh well.  Haha.  He weighs 15.28 lbs (28%), is 27.25″ long (96%) and his head was 16.73″ (54%).

Garrett at 4 months was, 16 lbs and 25″.  Avery was 14 lbs and 25″ at 4 months.

He got one shot and took it like a champ!

So thankful for my healthy boy!


4 thoughts on “Jack, 4 month Check Up

  1. It cracks me up that at 4 months Jack’s taller than my 16 month old, even though it’s just by 1/4 inch! Parker has been in the 5th percentile for height since he was just a few months old. My little shorty. =)

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