Domestic Engineer- Year 4

Today marks 4 years since I left my job as an x-ray tech to be a mama at home.  So much has happened since then, it feels like a lifetime ago.  This job is always changing and it’s definitely challenging me in ways I never expected.  Having more kids, a new house, growing toddlers with different needs than they had before, making time to take care of our marriage, time to take care of myself, in addition to normal cooking and cleaning there is always something to learn with this job, something to do better.

Mike is always encouraging me and helping me.  On the days where it feels like nothing is going right and nothing is getting done, he helps me focus on what’s truly important.   I don’t know what I would do without his support.  I’m so so thankful for him!

Last year my goals were to try more recipes, learn to bake a cake from scratch, continue with crafts, continue with exercise.

  I did really good with new recipes for a while but fell off the wagon and haven’t been trying as many new ones.  We did find a couple that we LOVE.  This is one:

Crock Pot Baked Potato Soup

I never found a good cake recipe but I did master pie crust finally!  Michael definitely appreciated that!

I fell off the wagon with crafts also.  I did make Jack some bibs:


a quilt,


a car seat blanket,


a Christmas stocking and a name banner before he was born, plus some more napkins.  I did a few knitting projects but not as much as I’d anticipated.  I’m contemplating embroidery but we’ll see.  I’d really like to make some quilts for the kids but I’m not sure when that’s going to happen.

I had a hard time exercising when I was pregnant with Jack.  I had a LOT of braxton hicks when I walked.  I tried walking more after Jack was born but not as much as I would have liked.  A friend sent me a link to a CrossFit challenge and I love it!!  I’ve got a little post coming on that.

I haven’t really thought too much about what goals I want to set for myself in the next year.  I want to keep up with CrossFit, for sure!  I really love it so far!  I want to try some healthier meals and snacks.  I definitely want to try to do some more crafts, even if they’re small ones.  I’d like to figure out my pressure canner and try some more things with that.  I want to make more time for play dates and try to get back into a routine with learning stuff for Garrett.  I’m also planning on doing a big de-clutter in January.

I’m so thankful that I get to stay home with my kids.  I wouldn’t trade this for anything!


7 thoughts on “Domestic Engineer- Year 4

  1. I’ve been home for 8 years this month and it is way harder than when I worked! But it is the most rewarding thing in the world and I wouldn’t trade this time with my babies for anything in the world. I didn’t have them just to send them to daycare and let someone else raise them! I’m blessed to have a husband that is able to financially support our family so I can stay home with our kids.

    • I really love staying home too! I can’t imagine the stress of getting everyone ready and out the door on time plus having to work all day and come home and clean and cook. That seems like it would be very challenging. I love the freedom and flexibility I have at home! I’m VERY thankful that I get to stay home too!

  2. First of all, I love the quilt!! I think tractors for boys are adorable. 😀
    And someday I AM going to make bibs…just haven’t learned how yet. (Was it challenging? I’m a beginner with my sewing machine 😉 )
    Oh, and if you would like a homemade chocolate cake and chocolate frosting recipe, I found one some years ago after searching for a LONG time. I’d be happy to email it to you. It is delicious and everything is natural. 🙂
    P.S. I’m not logging in to WordPress so I don’t get tempted to blog, and I’m commenting using another email address that I only created to be able to do YouTube . 😉 haha

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