My CrossFit Challenge – Month 1

I’ve struggled to lose my pregnancy weight.  I always gain a lot during pregnancy, but I’ve come to accept that it’s just how my body does pregnancy.  The weight has always within about 3 months of delivery.  Not this time.  At 4 1/2 months postpartum (when I started the challenge) I still had 20 lbs to go.   I’ve tried doing some exercise on my own but clearly it wasn’t enough.  A friend sent me a link to a 30 day CrossFit challenge and I was instantly intrigued.  This is the challenge if you want to check it out

I liked a lot of things about the challenge.

1.  All of these at home with little to no equipment.  Most of them take between 20-30 minutes, so it’s easy to do them when and where I need to.

2.  It’s easy to adjust the plan where I need to. Don’t have a box jump?  Jumping jacks or jump rope will work.  Don’t have a pull up bar?  Try bench presses.  Can’t run a mile and still breathe?  Walk a half mile instead, extra points for walking in the snow with boots on.  Feeling strong today?  Add some weights to your squats or throw on another round.  Feeling wimpy?  Cut back on rounds.  Sore legs?  Alternate squats and lunges instead of doing both for every round.  Lots of options!  Lots of flexibility!

3. I like having a set plan of what to do each day.  Normally I try to work out 4-5 days a week but I’ve been having a hard time keeping with it lately and this really helped me stay on track.  I can also check the  next day’s work out ahead of time.  I can youtube anything I’m unsure of and have a visual, ready to go, of what I need to do.

I’ve lost 5 lbs and about an 1 to 1 1/2″ all over.  Not exactly as much progress as I hoped for but better than nothing.  I’m working on my diet some, and plan on putting a lot more effort into that area after the holidays.  I’ve definitely gained some muscle.  Towards the end of the challenge, there were a few days with 33 push ups at a time.  I did them all and wasn’t dying.  I’m definitely calling that progress.  I plan on restarting the challenge but cutting back some each day and using it as more of a warm up and adding some extra weight lifting.

If anyone is interested in starting the challenge and wants some support, let me know!


2 thoughts on “My CrossFit Challenge – Month 1

  1. That looks really good! I am discouraged at the moment because I have 15+ lbs to lose but I have an old hip injury that isn’t really allowing me to do my preferred type of exercise: aerobics. I want to gain some tone, though. For REAL. I am tired (after 2 years) of being so soft! lol
    I’m definitely going to start something, whether it’s a challenge or specific routine. My eating habits have changed recently, which is really positive, but the working out hasn’t been too successful because of my (bkasted!) hip. 🙄

    • I love weights, I always have! Cardio is not my friend. I like walking but that’s about the extent of it. This challenge helped me squeeze in some cardio but do some weights too.

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