Easy Placemat or Napkin Tutorial

Mike requested placemats for the new table.  A friend had requested a napkin tutorial.  I thought I’d take care of both at once, since these are basically large napkins.

We wanted our placemats to be about 18″ by 12″.  I picked out two yards of each fabric, washed and ironed it.


I got 10 placemats out of 2 yards.  I also cut out interfacing to make them a little sturdier.  You’ll want to skip this part if you’re making napkins.


Iron the interfacing on.  I only added interfacing to one side.


Sew insides together, leaving an opening.

DSCF2570 DSCF2571 DSCF2572

Trim excess off.


Turn right side out and iron.

DSCF2575 DSCF2576


My new sewing machine from Mike’s mom.  It’s super nice!


Use a straight stitch to finish off the outside.


All done.



6 thoughts on “Easy Placemat or Napkin Tutorial

  1. Thank you!! Those look incredible! I’ve never bought or used interfacing before…how is it sold? By the yard or in a package? 😀

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