I was digging through some old pictures and found some really cute ones of the kids.  Thought I’d share some of my favorites.

DSCF5320 DSCF6584 DSCF6587 DSCF7547 DSCF7548 27wk2 DSCF9014 DSCF9076 DSCF9082 DSCF9123 DSCF9155 DSCF9187 DSCF9228 DSCF9284 DSCF9796 DSCF9832 DSCF9853 DSCF0087 DSCF0219 DSCF0493 DSCF0600


2 thoughts on “Oldies

  1. So cute. 🙂 I bet they have a blast together! Do they play games yet? I fondly remember when Maggie and Joshua started playing hide-and-seek together. 😀

    • A little, not too much yet. Garrett will come up with ideas and they’ll play together for 10 minutes and then someone usually starts crying. 🙂 It’s cute while it lasts though. Haha.

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