Proud Mama!!

I’m the first to admit my kids are smart.  Sometimes though, I underestimate their intelligence and ability.

It was 30 and sunny this morning so I bundled up the kids to go play outside for a little bit.  I pulled them in the sled all through the woods and up a couple of hills.   We all had such a great time.  When we had gone all the way through the woods we went down the biggest hill.  Normally we pull them back up the hill but I just sat there in the sled and Garrett and Avery both started to climb back up the hill on their own.  The snow is all packed down from the sled and snowmobile but I was still so impressed that they climbed up their on their own.

Garrett would run up and down the hill all on his own, like he often does in the summer.   Avery was  a little more cautious though.  She wasn’t sure how to get down.  I told her to sit on her bottom and slide down.  She scooted half way down and decided to make a snow angel in the middle of the hill.  She’s seen me do it before but this was the first time I remember her thinking of it on her own and making it herself.  I then proceeded to teach Garrett about barrel rolls and he rolled himself halfway down the hill as well.  Haha!!   Garrett was very patient with Avery and waited for her to climb up and didn’t try to run her over, as sometimes happens.

After a while of that we started throwing snowballs at each other.  Avery got me good in the side of the head.  Garrett went to seek shelter in the big pine trees off to the side of the hill.  The big trees had snow piled up on their limbs and Garrett shook the ends to make the snow fall down.  He got some in his face but didn’t cry at all.  He got one big chunk down and said he was going to throw it on me.  I was doubtful.  He surprised me by carefully picking up the giant chunk and carrying it all the way over to me.

We had such a great morning playing in the sun and snow.  I’m so thankful for these little people who teach me such valuable lessons everyday!


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