CrossFit~Month 2

I finished my 2nd round of CrossFit.  I did the same challenge (, just focused more on weights.  I didn’t lose any weight and my measurements stayed about the same.  I did get stronger though.  My motivation was very low this whole month so I’m pretty proud of myself for just finishing.

I was a little worried I would get sick of the challenge but everyday is different enough and I can adjust it depending on what I want to improve on (or how tired I am).  I love that it doesn’t take very long to get through the work outs, I can do them all at home, and don’t need a lot (any) equipment.

I usually try to do my workout early in the morning.  A lot of times the big kids will watch a movie while Jack naps, or I’ll put Jack in the jumper, and I just do my exercises in the living room.  Sometimes they just play and I do my exercises in the entry way.  I try to save nap time for savoring some peace and quiet so I usually don’t exercise then.  Haha.  Mike will work out with me in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed too, so if I don’t get a chance to do anything during the day I might save it for then.  The work outs really don’t take very long, usually about 20 minutes so it’s not hard to distract the kids for a little while to get them done.  If I’m laying on the floor exercising sometimes they like to “help” by laying on my stomach or back.  Ha.  They’re pretty good about just watching though.  When I had my box jump in the house they would play on it when I was done.  I’d like to start teaching them some of the exercises so we can do them together.

I skipped a lot of the cardio this month.  I usually do my running outside but I couldn’t bring myself to do it most days with all the snow and freezing wind.  I tried to do more jump ropes or box jumps instead.  Push ups are getting really old, so I switched them for bench presses.  I tried to learn some new techniques, deadlifts, front squats,etc in place of some plain squats.  I really had no motivation at all, so I figured doing something was better than nothing at all.

I keep track of how much weight I use, what I skip, rest days, etc on my computer.  I use a different color for each time I’ve done it, so that helps me compare and see where I’ve progressed.  I still love the challenge and have started it for a 3rd time.  This time I’m trying to focus on doing more.  I was very laid back last month so I’d like to try to push myself to do more weights again, but also build up my endurance and finish more of the workout for each day.

You really don’t need a lot of equipment for the challenge but I received some gift cards to for Christmas so I did get a few things.


Weighted barbell and medicine ball.


Mike got me the set of colored ones and the black one I ordered off amazon.


I got these and wrote exercises for different areas on different colors (arms, abs, legs, cardio) and then how many rounds on a different color.  When I want to change things up a little, I just pick one of each color.


Sometimes I have to improvise a little. 🙂


Mike made me this for box jumps when I first started.  I had him make it a little taller recently.


5 thoughts on “CrossFit~Month 2

    • No, Mike doesn’t do crossfit. He’ll do some stuff with hand weights and push ups or something like that. I’ve started the same challenge again. You can get crossfit work outs all over the internet but I’d need more equipment to do most of them. The challenge is simple and I have everything I need to do it so I’m just going to stick with it for now.

  1. I love the colored sticks to keep things random (and not so set in stone). I’m going to show Maggie this idea tomorrow because she likes doing sets of exercises and I net she’d love the variety of changing things up. 🙂

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