Garrett Says

UPS trucks are kind of like bread trucks.  Only UPS trucks bring presents.


Reading stories:

Me:  Avery, where is the green tractor.

Garrett:  There’s the New Holland sky (blue).


Helping fold laundry:

This guy is really fall (small).  Why is this guy so fall?


Me:  I like you guys.

Garrett:  I like you too.

Me:  I’m a lucky mama.

Garrett:  Yes, you are.


 Garrett:  Girls aren’t humans.

Me, about to get mad:  Oh yeah?
Garrett: Yeah, they’re ladies.
I did inform him that girls ARE human, also!
When Avery gets bigger her job is going to hatch chicks and my job it going to hatch honey.
The Israelites live 20 roads away.

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