We found these cute little planters at Tractor Supply so we let Garrett and Avery each pick one out.  Avery picked sunflowers and Garrett picked cucumber.  Unfortunately, Garrett’s pot was broken and he got parsley seeds instead of cucumber.  I gave him half of Avery’s seeds and a different pot that we had.  I planted some spinach along with them.

About a week later, we have some sprouts!


My spinach.


Garrett’s sunflowers.


Avery’s sunflowers.

The kids have had a lot of fun with this project!  I hope it’s going to get them excited about the big garden this summer!


4 thoughts on “Plants

  1. So cute! I’m planning to buy some seeds or flowers to grow with Samuel soon. I have been waiting because the weather is so weird ths year!

    • I started all the seeds that I had. I still need a few more. They’re outside in the barn staying warm. We don’t have enough room in the house for all my seeds but I thought it was fun to give them each their own to be in charge of. 😉

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