Mike had a work conference in Texas last week.  He asked me to come out at the end and we’d spend a few days checking out the area.  Neither of us had ever been there before and we haven’t taken a trip together since our honeymoon, so it sounded great!!  Mike’s conference was in Houston but we spent most of our time in San Antonio.

The drive was beautiful!  I wasn’t expecting it to be so green!  The corn there is already knee-high.


Our first night in San Antonio we stayed on the north side of the city in the JW Marriott.  It was beautiful!!  I would definitely recommend the hotel to anyone visiting

This was the view from our balcony.  There was a lazy river, a bunch of pools, water slides, a hot tub, and an infinity pool.


I look horrible in this picture but it’s the only one we got of both of us so here it is. 🙂


This was our dinner view.



IMG_20140503_074932317_HDR IMG_20140503_120407818

Not too far away from the hotel Mike found a place that had a safari type ride.  You stay in your car and drive around and see all the animals.  It was really cool!  We got a bag of food to give them also.

IMG_20140503_120637351_HDR IMG_20140503_120915558_HDR IMG_20140503_121021461_HDR



Texas long horn.



When we got to the zebras, there was a long line of cars watching them.  I put some food on the ground to try to entice some towards us.  I got one’s attention but apparently he wasn’t satisfied with the amount of food I gave him.  He stuck his head INSIDE the car and grabbed the whole bag of food off MY LAP!!   I’m lucky I didn’t lose any leg skin!!

IMG_20140503_130051835_HDR IMG_20140503_130329658_HDR

IMG_20140503_130651747 IMG_20140503_131000066_HDR IMG_20140503_131124022_HDR IMG_20140503_131434115_HDR IMG_20140503_131727032_HDR IMG_20140503_131818247 IMG_20140503_132403610

IMG_20140503_132421685 IMG_20140503_141539228

Next door to the safari was a place with caves, so we went there next.  The tour was nice.  It got pretty hot in the caves and I would have liked to had a faster pace but it was very interesting.

IMG_20140503_144945168 IMG_20140503_145815138 IMG_20140503_145836190
IMG_20140503_150844662 IMG_20140503_150930478 IMG_20140503_151957084

I got bored waiting so decided to refashion my scarf. 🙂

IMG_20140503_152843272 IMG_20140503_152904836

After the caves we went downtown San Antonio.  We did the river walk and had dinner.  It was pretty hot at that point so we hung around the mall for the rest of the night.  Early the next morning we went to the Alamo.  It was really interesting!  I’m glad we went in the morning when it was cooler too.


The Alamo.

After the Alamo we headed back to Houston and got a hotel close to the airport, and dropped our car off early.  That ended up being a great idea!  At 4am on the day we were flying back, I got a call from the airline saying that my flight had been moved from 7:15am to 10:30am.  We were supposed to be on the same flight but since we didn’t book them together, I just thought I would double-check Mike’s flight.  Good thing I did, Mike’s flight got moved from 7:15am to 6:30am!  So we got moved to different flights!  We got to the airport and got everything situated so we could be on the same flight at the earlier time, but it was a little crazy for little while!  Ha!

We had a wonderful trip together and Texas is a beautiful state!

BIG thanks to Grandma Deb who kept us company while Michael was gone and Grandma and Grandpa B who took care of the kids and animals while we were gone!  Thank you so much for all your help!!  Love you!


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