Ice Cream Cone

We were going to get ice cream last night but the place was packed.  We stopped at the grocery store for some sundae supplies and Mike picked out some ice cream cones for the kids to try.  They were taking baths anyway so we thought it would be fun for them.

DSCF3873 DSCF3876 DSCF3877 DSCF3880 DSCF3883 DSCF3886 DSCF3889 DSCF3891 DSCF3893 DSCF3896 DSCF3898 DSCF3899 DSCF3901 DSCF3905 DSCF3906 DSCF3908 DSCF3910 DSCF3911 DSCF3913 DSCF3914

I am so thankful for my family!!


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