Cute Jack Stories

I have a couple of cute Jack stories to share.

First, he climbed the whole flight of stairs in our house, by himself.  I was standing right behind him the whole time but I just wanted to see if he could do it.  He did!

Yesterday he woke up early from his nap.  I went up to see if he needed to burp and to try to get him back to sleep.  I was holding him and he was putting so much effort into fussing it sounded fake.  It was so hard not to laugh.

Today after I got done feeding him I took him upstairs to lay down for his nap.  I laid him down and was saying Goodnight Moon to him.  He laid his head down with his eyes closed and said, “AHHHHHHH!” really loudly.  Almost like he was sighing.  Hahaha.

These kids crack me up!


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