Garrett Says

Garrett:  I had those kinds of potatoes before.

Me:  When?

Garrett:  A long time ago.  Only God knows.


Mike:  What kind of dressing do you want?

Garrett:  The kind that isn’t made (homemade).


While my blue bear is at Aunt Brooke’s I’m going to take a piece of fuzz to bed.


Uncle Brad is going to cut this (fallen down) branch into a mill-ion pieces.


Jack:  Blabbering to a block.

Me:  I love you, yellow block.

Garrett:  What’s a ghetto rock?


Mama, I have a question.  A)  We love God.  B) We don’t like Satan.


I want to have lunch and go to bed.


Yaya, see how I’m cleaning up and not playing?  Copy me.


Garrett:  I’m spitting this water out of my face so I don’t melt.

Mike:  Are you made of sugar?

Garrett:  Yes.  Sugar and bones.


Me:  Do you want a cupcake or danish for dessert?

Garrett: Cupcake.

Me:  It doesn’t have any frosting.

Mike:  If you’re smart, you’ll say danish.

Garrett:  Danish.  Because I’m fart.


Garrett:  Why do you want to lay down?

Me:  Because I’m old.

Garrett:  What mold?


2 thoughts on “Garrett Says

  1. Oh my word, hahaha! Yaya needs to get to work, what’s the hold up?! 😉

    I should totally do a “Samuel Says” post. He says the funniest things! I’ll have to start writing them down. 😀

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