Toddler Tee Ball

Our local community center has tee ball for toddlers.  The parents play along with the kids and there is only one game a week with no scheduled practices.  We thought it would be fun for Garrett to try.  He was reluctant at first but warmed up to the idea after a little while.  Mike had a surprise work trip the day of his first game so Mama and Garrett learned about organized sports together.  Haha!  Grandma B came down to play with Avery and Jack and took a few pictures for us.  I was pretty nervous, since I know absolutely nothing about sports, but we hobbled along together and had a pretty good time.  Garrett had a lot of fun hitting the ball and running around the bases but was not as excited with outfield.  Hopefully he’ll enjoy playing!

DSCF4159 DSCF4160 DSCF4161 DSCF4157


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